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NRYC Fitness Classes & Events

With the new year, the Fitness Center is getting a little busier. In order to safely accommodate everyone, we ask you to please remember the following:
-A maximum of 8 people can be allowed in the weight room area at one time. 
-The least crowded times to use the Fitness Center are between 11:45 AM - 3 PM and after 6:30 PM. 
-During busy times, please limit your time in the weight area to 1 hour and to 30 minutes on cardio equipment. 
-Please be aware of the people around you and practice social distancing. 
-As always, please sanitize the equipment after use. 

January Class Schedule 


Please make reservations 24 hours ahead of time with Jada and cancel your reservation if you know you cannot make it so that someone else can have the spot.

Location of classes will vary.

(Strength class is limited to 4 people.)

Contact #: 205-242-1143


Fitness Challenge
January 11 - February 22 2021
Earn 40 Points in 6 Weeks and achieve Better Health and a Prize!!!
How to earn points:
1 Hour Cardio = 1 Point
30 Minutes of Weights = 1 Point
Any Fitness Class = 1 Point

Please note, you 
are responsible for informing the fitness attendant of your time and activity.